anti-ageing night cream (60ml – dry)


anti-ageing night cream for dry skin – for use each night after cleansing to reduce dryness, fight blemishes & smoothen wrinkles.


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please test a small amount on your skin in case of any allergic reactions.

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proelle organic night cream, suitable for dry skin, is infused with nourishing & anti-bacterial ingredients. containing aloe vera, beeswax, rosehip, argan, lavender, cucumber, geranium, cedarwood, ylang ylang & lemon – each organic & natural ingredient has been carefully selected to hydrate your dry skin & help to regain a soft & nourished complexion.

the proelle night cream contains gorgeous natural essential & carrier oils* that are proven to increase our skin’s natural elasticity & decrease wrinkles. while being a luxurious anti-ageing night cream it also acts fabulously to reduce blemishes, scars & large pores – after using proelle each night you will notice your skin feels beautifully soft, hydrated & clearer than before.

directions – apply every night to face & neck after you have cleansed & toned – the cream takes around half an hour to absorb so this is best used overnight to replenish all the goodness in your skin while you’re sleeping.

*if you notice the oils have separated don’t worry, proelle organic is 100% natural & no chemicals have been added so oil separation is normal – simply apply the cream as usual!

please test a small amount on your skin in case of any allergic reactions.

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aloe vera
ylang ylang


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